Starting A Men’s Group

Men need places to hang out and be with other guys – repair shops, hardware stores, bars, strip clubs, softball fields, but can you create a place for guys on hard metal chairs in your church’s basement? The answer is “Yes” but this setting may not promote most guys to open up with what is going on in their lives. Project 405 has started a pilot program to create a men’s group with a theme focused on a manly activity, but at the core it’s an opportunity for men to grow closer to Christ through relationships with other men; Yes I said relationships!

Have you ever thought about everything that God has touched in your life? I recently heard about a guy that when he died and his family was going through his personal items they found a notebook with years of prayer items listed, next to each item were notes about answers to these prayers and what the answer was… How cool would it be to see listed everything God has done for you or others that you are praying for… What a gift to leave your loved ones. The friend that shared this with me said that he read about how his father-in-law was praying for him back while he was dating his future wife, and later how his father-in-law was praying for his unborn daughter and listed in his notebook the birth as a praise on the day she was born.

How many times have we set goals for ourselves regarding work, sports accomplishments, house remodeling projects or even fantasy football, but how many times have we ever listed our spiritual goals on paper and asked someone to hold us accountable. After a pastor at my church spoke on this topic I was convicted to reflect on my spiritual goals and one of those goals was to create a place where men can act like men and discuss their walk with God.

With this conviction and after I wrote down my spiritual goal of reaching out to churched men and helping them live a more exciting walk with our savior Jesus Christ, I had to act – I started the “Cigar Club” in March of 2009, the theme was created from different conversations I was having with guys about what kind of cigars they smoked. The real focus for this group was to work on documenting the actions of God in our everyday life, setting spiritual goals, and building manly friendships but the catalyst was cigars and smoke. Through the Cigar Club I now have friendships that have helped me through my wife’s cancer, life’s many struggles and I have a great group of guys to enjoy a new hobby with.

I’m telling you all this for this simple reason; find any activity – fishing, hunting, working on old cars, playing softball, watching football, watching NASCAR, you pick – God will work with it. Find some guys at church or at work that you know share the same interests and Faith and GO FOR IT.

Our Cigar Club meets every other week on Sunday afternoons at my house, in the summer we sit outside in lawn chairs, in the fall I’ll start a fire in the fire pit and in the winter we sit in my garage with a heater running. We also set aside “special” meeting dates for events like skeet shooting and these have been great times for the guys to relax and just get to know each other.

Spiritual study is where most guys start to get nervous, at the Cigar Club the floor is always open for any type of discussion, sometimes it’s heavy into someone’s ideas or thoughts about last Sunday’s message. Other times the group barely talks about spiritual issues but might touch a personal issue instead. Sometimes we don’t seem to hit any personal or spiritual issues – but that is OK and you as the facilitator need to be OK with that. Just let guys open up when they feel comfortable enough to speak about what ever is on their hearts.

If you have thought about starting a men’s group but felt you were not qualified – don’t let your feelings stand in the way of doing God’s will. Go forward with faith and you’ll succeed. If you need some help starting your men’s group, the Project 405 guys are available to help you. Our contact information is listed on the Contact Us page and we’d be happy to help get your group going. The main thing is to do it in a way that works for you and the other guys in your group. You will find it will be a rewarding way to serve God, strengthen your Faith and build relationships all at the same time.

Jeremy Adcock


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