Prayer Requests

Please use the Comments form below to request prayers.

Prayer requests can be anonymous or you can just leave your initials or first name, God knows who you are.


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7 08 2009
mary matas nobis

l ask for a prayer for my soniinlow Henry Okudaye
who is sick may the Father see him through his mercy
In the name of Jesus christ.
And his wife Linda Akinyi ukundaye to be percient in the power of our Lord Jesus
Bye God Bless you
Yours Servant Sister in the Lord

1 03 2009

I ask everyone to pray for my nephew, Dan. God is by his side.

Thank you,

7 06 2008

Please pray for a friend his name is Ernie, he is going through a tuff time. and I am not very good with prayer !!!!!! But it still is very important !!!!! just incase help !!!!!


24 09 2007

I have a jon interview this week that could lead me in a new direction and get me off the road.

PLease pray that God will show me where I can minister the most for him while at work.

23 07 2007

Pray that this blog is the spark that starts men to get excited about their walk in Christ. The luke warm life is what Satan wants, and what God hates.
Please be praying with me on this.

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