Getting The Word

2 Ways To Get The Word!

1. We have a daily email feature that will send the daily scripture and video postings to you by email each weekday so you don’t have to come here to the blog to read them.

2. You can also subscribe to the blog with RSS using any of the many free news readers like Google Reader or Snarfer, if you subscribe to using RSS, your reader will automatically get all the postings.

How To Subscribe

1. To get the daily postings in your email just click on the link “Click Here Subscribe By Email” near the bottom of the sidebar on the right, then enter your email address and the anti-spam code. You will be sent a confirmation email that contains a link. Be sure to click the link in the confirmation email to activate you daily email subscription.

2. To subscribe using RSS just click the RSS Feed symbol near the bottom of the sidebar on the right or point your reader to:

Please Note
To those of you on our mailing list, we are no longer sending out weekly emails for our video posts, since new videos are so infrequent at this time.


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