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26 02 2010

Nearly 3 years ago the Project 405 website began as a 1 year experiment. Now after 700 posts and 23,000 site visits we have reached a crossroad with this ministry. The Project405 guys have decided to put this website on hold while we continue to serve God in different ways, as we each have been feeling other callings weighing on our hearts.

We are so thankful for all of the support we have received from everyone, especially from our friends who helped with the video production during the first year or so.

Any thoughts or feedback that you leave in the Comments section below is appreciated.

We want to encourage you to check out one of the following web sites and continue your daily walk with God:

Sportsmens Devotional

Text Project

God Bless,
The Project 405 Guys




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28 02 2010

If you guys need help in the future please drop me a note. I’m not an IT expert but I’ve managed a couple websites and would love to help if it’s a way to spread the Gospel.

God bless,


26 02 2010

Thank you for your time and efforts guys, it is truly appreciated.

God bless,


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